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Default Re: Trainer dealing with boxer's difficult dad

Take this as a learning tournament, dont argue with the dad it will only make things worse. If they want to move thing along to fast try and show him film of talented fighter the move to fast and were ruined ( Roy Hammond). Try and get in tune with the dad for the kids benefit. If you try to work with him point out flaws and let his see them, by allowing him to assist you. Plus while in the gym value some of his input for some people a little shown respect goes a long way. If you can't find a way to get along with the dad you will probably lose a chance to have a great experience with a good boxer. You have to remember, with most people its family first and everybody esle second. If you are giving the dad the vibe the he doesn't know anything and you know it all you are going to continue to have problems. Your first paragraph shows you donot respect the dad or his efforts, but you should he was smart enough to find his kid a new coach, and I'm assuming he just still want to be involve with his sons boxing career. Sometime you can solve your problems with other people by making a change in yourself.
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