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Default Re: Nigel Benn's Best Performance

Originally Posted by HoldMyBeer View Post
yeah but not during his prime

like hopkins, it's only after both these great fighter were in their forties and past their best that blinkered posters like yourself try to score points against them on britain's behalf

i don't mind if you don't like either jones or hopkins so long as you can debate your point well, but you only do it because you're british and butthurt

get over it, it's petty and pointless
why don't you, and t bag **** off out of a benn thread and start your own one ****ing off about jones then.

"oooh but he wasn't ko'd in his prime"

Yeah because he didn't step up to Glen Johnson level until his miraculous chin vanishing from a crash diet.

Nowadays he sells his ass, and braincells for crack money, to the highest bidder.

But it's alrigh, when he's braindamaged you can say "he wasn't a drooling vegetable in his prime though, USA! USA! USA!"

Now, kindly **** off
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