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Default Re: Old school training is the best

Originally Posted by StillWill View Post
Of course I dont think smoking while training is beneficial, but this thread is a wind up. Dealt with thinks he has all the answers, im just asking what makes him qualified.

I didnt limit it to boxing. Seems like your a wannabe who has accomplished nothing and has no real experience with any high level athletics, imo. Again, any feel free to provide any real accomplishments or work you have done, anything substantial (not stuff you read on and disprove me.
My athletic achievements aren't relevant to what I say. Go to any professional sporting team or olympic centre and find out how many of their strength coaches have participated in the sport that they have control over. I've been in that environment and I'm telling you it's very rare for any of their nutritionists, biomechanists, sports psychologists and strength coaches to have had experience in the sport they look after (sometimes junior participation, sometimes just an interest in the sport, often they don't even like the sport they control). So tell me why I would care about what you think in regards to credibility when you would disregard the most knowledgable because they haven't participated in the sport?
I have published articles in scientific journals from my post-grad research that I'm not going to link to (I prefer to stay anonymous and I don't want any of my colleagues names to be associated with my sometimes rants and silly comments on a message board), if you think that makes me a wannabe then great. Newsflash.. I don't actually care what you think, I don't have to disprove what you believe when you don't know anything about me. Being a bit self-important there you think, who are you to demand credentials? Feel free to provide me with some credentials on why I should conversate with you. I believe you're a bit stupid, prove me wrong and I might talk to you.

I don't have all the answers, nobody does. But I know a hell of a lot more than the likes of dempsey4321. I'm stirring him up because he is a moron that is against any advances in sport, he is into hero worshipping of the past and sees no problems with anything they do in regards to training. That's the sort of attitude that keeps people dumb and averse to growth.
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