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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko Tribute 2012 HD

Good video, mate. Isn't it weird that maybe his best or most dramatic looking one-punch knockout over a class fighter, in all these years, Chambers, A. didn't come from what most agree is his best power punch, B. didn't even come from his power hand and C. was seconds away from not happening, with his trainer getting ****ed about his lack of aggression, and against a guy who, if I'm not mistaken, hadn't ever even been knocked down as a pro? All that, and it's probably his best one-punch knockout, period, that I've seen, let alone just over a class opponent. I wish he used more left hooks. He used to use them coming out of a clinch like hell. The opponent would go to pull out and blam! That's right, go to pull out, and blam! It sounds dirty. But it's not.

Originally Posted by p4pBute View Post
Wow didn't know that, I am surprised vitali didn't kill some one when that happened. That is serious ****, I hope they go for big fine against him. That is class less ****, makes wach chin putting up to that beating mean **** to me now, ****er is a scum.

I'm not sure it was anything much, because if you look at the video, Vitali's not really showing upset or anger. Vitali's notoriously temperamental and known to be extremely close to Volo. If it was something obvious, at the least, he'd have probably been going ape ****. Have they ever taken action against him for that? If not, then was there anything for certain to take action against? Anyone know what came of that, exactly? I heard Bernd mentioning it, but I didn't hear of an official authority putting the smack down on Wach or his trainer for the glove.
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