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Default Re: Overem vs. Dos Santos

Originally Posted by iceferg View Post
Let you down yet? what in your 1 fight and yes I am a complete novice, you are until you have gotten up to around 30 fights at least but I am still more expierienced than you and the reason we clashed is because you came into a thread I made making personal attacks towards me.

I did have a chip on my shoulder, because you came into my thread and implied that I'm a fat lazy ****.

I'll take back that statement out Dos Santos if it means so much to you, I simply meant it as a throw away comment basically saying that for all we know Dos Santos is juicing up just as much as Overeem and as for my comment about Overeem having been on stuff for years, I really believe that he will have been.

So sorry if I insulted you but you made the first attack and gave as good as you got really. Let's just leave it at that, I won't make assumptions like that next time because admittedly I know very little about Dos Santos and the satement was more just about my general perception of how much top MMA fighters use rather than Dos Santos himself.
That one fight is a production of 6 and a half years of training on and off, like i told you, i have a demanding profession, and you should know the work and effort (daily grind) that goes into a fighters life, every day presents different problems to solve.

I never once said i was not a novice, you introduced the word novice to this conversation and continued to fire it at me, when in reality you are also a novice, the lines between novice and pro in MMA are still very fine, ive been offered numerous pro fights against lesser men than i fought in an ama bout, i train and spar with pro's in all my disciplines. I do not train in a conventional MMA school i separate my disciplines, so i wrestle with wrestler's, box with boxers, practice Thai with MT practitioners, i roll in a GI twice a week, the only thing i do in MMA establishments is roll and MMA spar

No i did not, said you need a diet! (and i was being a funny ****er) you look like a short guy for your weight, what are you 5'11? i cant quite work it out from your photo?, you then told me you walk around at 17 stone, so you are a Heavyweight, so that explains your build

Its not that it means so much to me, you just get so many **** whits, coming on forums and labelling people based on nothing or no knowledge of the sport, from your opening statement "probably juiced up dos Santos" i assumed you were one of them, and then we went at it, and im glad we did because now i know what your up too, which is good really, you dont that many practitioners posting on a regular basis.
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