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Default Re: Is Ricky burns terrified of Adrian broner?

Originally Posted by macho_grande View Post
So what you are saying is Brook ducked Bradley, but Burns didn't duck Broner? How does that work?
I'm trying to figure out why you're struggling to accept this logic. I'm not saying Brook definitely DID duck Bradley, I'm just saying you can't give Brook a pass because of the financial terms and not Burns.

What else has Burns got lined up? I'll ask you again, WHAT IS RICKY'S PATH???
I answered, if you took the time to read what I said properly. I'm not Ricky. I don't know. But he has options simply by having a belt. Just because you don't see the options doesn't mean they aren't there.

Regarding Brook is was clear cut...... The Bradley fight was for "not great money" (according to Hearn) & loaded with options. We all knew that prior to TopRanks offer, Brook was heading for an IBF mandatory spot, and Marchroom followed that through.
And, from what Schaefer has said, they wouldn't give Ricky what he asked for. That might have also included options. You don't know anything about what Frank and Richard discussed. But you clearly think Burns should have just accepted it, whatever it was. You're all over the place with your rationale. Unlike Rees or Brook, Burns is a champion and an established ticket-seller. He has as much right to get paid as the unproven Broner.

Why do I also suspect that Rees is getting a terrible payday, but Hearn hasn't seen fit to reject that on those terms.

Why has Burns chosen to not fight Broner? Because he has unfinished by business with Liam Walsh
Don't put words in my mouth and, while you're at it, combine the few things we do know. Burns didn't want the fight so soon, when he'd been preparing for a completely different fight. He wanted more than he was being offered financially. And he clearly feels the fight will still be there in May.

That's not really ducking, especially when - as far as we know - the deal wasn't great.
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