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Default Re: Overem vs. Dos Santos

Originally Posted by Lynchburg View Post

****ing novice chums squaring off like ****ing kids in a playground!

B.J Penn = 27 fight novice.
Georges St-Pierre = 25 fight novice.
Josh Koscheck = 23 fight novice.
Diego Sanchez = 28 fight nivice.
Robbie Lawler = 29 fight novice.
Renzo Gracie = 22 fight novice.
Tito Ortiz = 28 fight novice.
Enson Inoue = 20 fight novice.
Travis Lutter = 16 fight novice.
Oleg Taktarov = 24 fight novice.
Forrest Griffin = 26 fight novice.
Chuck Liddell = 29 fight novice.
Marco Ruas = 15 fight novice.
Tank Abbott = 24 fight novice.

If only most of these guys didn't retire novices imagine the fights we could have seen! Bloody novices

Don't know all these guys but pretty sure bjp penn did bjj and won a tournament before going into mma, obviously gracie was in it his whole life and people like GSP and Koshcheck have a lot of wrestling xp. I'm obviously not talking about pro fighters, and those are pro records lol, in boxing most top boxers are no longer novices by the time they turn over. I first steped in a kick boxing gym at 12, quit for a year after a few months training, started boxing quit for a year after three months training, and then on and on until I got to 18 and started MMA (but concentrated mostly on my boxing) and had an unlicensed boxing fight after 10 month training in that, then went amateur and I've come on a lot but still a raw novice.

I've had an argument with a friend of mine about this, who disrespects the sport of boxing, now he has had 6 fights won them all in k1 and mma and seems to think he's not a novice, even though he gets his boxed off by novice boxers in sparring and I've seen his kick technique when these karate guys came to the college, they didn't even notice he had done kick training before but could tell me and another lad have, oh and he says stand-up is his strong point yet that's the level he's at but he's not a novice apparently.

He also comes out with bull **** like, Anderson Silva and JDS would be able to beat any boxer at boxing after 3 month training, then after a massive argument he would only concede that it would take JDS a year and a half to beat any boxer. He also went mad when I said that I think Wlad could have a chance at beating top MMA guys after 3-4 years training if he was younger. He's the nicest lad you could meet when your not talking about MMA and boxing but some of that was starting to **** me right off lol
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