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Default Re: Donaire vs John next year

Originally Posted by R.I.P Sky View Post
Donaire tells us that Guillermo Rigondeaux isn't a worthy challenger and must do more to deserve a shot at him. What exactly did Jeffrey Mathebula do to deserve a shot?

I should think making Ali Funeka look like Alexis Arguello is enough of an accomplishment for any man.

Originally Posted by thewinfella View Post
I dont believe "AVERAGE FANS" are having this debate!

Originally Posted by Boxed Ears View Post
I very much doubt it happens unless the reefer and senility hit Arum harder than he can take. That said, if it does happen, unfortunately, I don't think your average "fan" here is capable of understanding how great a match this would be.
It's like the difference between saying I don't think your average child is lonely and I don't think your average child at the orphanage is lonely. You miss out on a huge specifier.
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