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Default Re: Overem vs. Dos Santos

Originally Posted by Lynchburg View Post
What fight card you on buddy?

I'm back in action in February (BJJ and Sub Wrestling).

My knee is feeling pretty strong and I've been uping the weight training too so i'm hoping to do well.

It'll be at my lightest weight yet so this time I hope I have no problems with that like I did last time


That makes more sense... sort of.

The guys with Boxing/Kick boxing experience are more suited for the direct swap IMO as they are used to getting hit. When compete in BJJ and Sub wresting you get used to positions that are not suited at all for MMA.

A few weeks back I trained with some pro fighters from my gym... I turned up thinking it was a sub wrestling class but the coach was sick so it was changed to a grappling for MMA class

I got punched in the face about 30 times before the natural habbit of guard play from top become not such a good idea

Hi Lynch,

Theres a few available options mate, im favouring AFC as its in Liverpool, theres interest by both parties so my name is listed, i wont be matched until late Jan early Feb anyway so its back in the gym, get the foundations in and shake of Xmas then look at the options in more depth.

But i prefer fighting at home
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