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Default Re: Donaire vs John next year

Originally Posted by Lilo View Post
You know Arum might just think "**** it. He's clearly the best so why not make all these fights"

I'm not convinced a fight with Mare/Rigo/John/Salido/Juanma is a 50-50 fight anyway especially given how he dealt with Nishioka. They aren't that risky. If I was Arum I would think its a shame to sacrifice a double Gold/pro titlist when there are so many fights in and around with fighters not contracted to Top Rank.

Donaire could beat Mares, move up and leave Rigo to take over. That's best for Arum isn't it? So maybe it'll be Donaire-John and Mares-WBC mando, followed by Donaire-Mares.
You never can tell with Bob Arum and Top Rank can you!

He makes business sense decisions, ofcourse he does, hes a business man.

But id just like to see more risk being taken with Donaire because he's equal to even the most obscene type of risk IMO.
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