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Default Re: Donaire vs John next year

Originally Posted by ishy View Post
Arum never talked about Rios/Mattyhsse. That was more from Golden Boy.

Both GBP and TR would like to make Mares/Donaire but the **** thing is they want it on their terms. GBP want to promote it on Showtime, TR on HBO. It's a load of ****.

Arum was working towards Lopez/Gamboa then JuanMa went and lost to Salido. Can't blame him for that. And we got two great fights in Salido/Lopez I and II.

Pac/Mayweather? Really? Both sides ****ed up that one.
I have to rudely interrupt that one

Gamboa Juanma should have been made round about the time Juanma Marquez was made, maybe even earlier, he had a period of 18 months were he was clearly unwilling to make the fight and it was the most relevent fight in world boxing,then Juanma ran into Salido!

Agree btw, Juanma Salido were terrific fights, specially the 2nd
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