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Default Re: Gavin rees vs Adrien broner Feb 16

I don't believe this fight's a great test for Broner, but it's a reasonable title fight IMO cos of Rees experience and achievements. We've seen some of the better world champions over the years have the odd strange fight against European champions. Broner's job is to win and win in style.

Broner is fighting in May (Mayweather Undercard) so he likes to keep active and sees this as a tune up for something bigger in May. Think many lack balance when the talk about Broner as a fighter, seems many either go overboard and many go way beyond realism on his ability. I think he's a world class level fighter, a guy who i feel fighters would be best suited to facing now before he does get better because there seems to be development in his ability recently. Still very much a work in progress..

I know this isn't anything to do with Mitchell and Rees debate you guys are having but lets just say i think Rees is a better opponent for Broner or Burns then Mitchell who for all his ability falls apart at the seams extremely quickly.

A fight between Mitchell and Rees is a great match up. Nip and tuck but i think Rees would win it personally due to his style and ability. Could accept reasons for Mitchell winning it.
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