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Default Re: Is Ricky burns terrified of Adrian broner?

Originally Posted by dftaylor View Post
Holy ****, you're right. A forum poster has deigned that Ricky should take the fight, despite not knowing what was offered, what the terms were or... holy ****... anything about the fight at all!
I'm not saying that Burns 'should' take the fight because I've never said that he won't take it. The issue is with Burns' manager and promoter who are clearly nervous about the fight. The amount they want is unrealistically high.

The whole tone of the negotiations are telling. GBP approached Frank with an offer, who rejected because they need more time, apparently. Frank didn't approach them or counter with a realistic offer, they priced themselves out. Is this the tone of a camp who want the fight? Have they ever approached GBP or HBO, or are they merely rejecting offers?

I am certain Burns would take the fight tomorrow. However, I'm equally as certain in thinking that Frank and Burns' manager are scared he'll lose, so will only accept the fight when it's impossible to reject it.
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