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Default Re: Donaire vs John next year

Originally Posted by ishy View Post
Arum had the same problem with Gamboa as he does with Rigo. These Cubans are extremely talented but aren't draws.

So Bob was trying to build JuanMa/Gamboa up and it's not as if he was matching them soft. We look at all these potential fights from a fans point of view but unfortunately the way boxing is structured fights have to make financial sense before they are made. Arum had this extremely popular, fan-friendly Puerto Rican guy who was a star in his country and building a profile in the US. Why would he put him in with this extremely dangerous, unknown Cuba?

Bob's plan was to get Gamboa known to the masses before making the fight. But yeah, Salido happened.
I understand and completely agree this was the plan, but i will never condone it!

Match Juanma with Gamboa (not quite completely unknown but not in Juanma's league of popularity at that time, i seen Juanma on the cover of the Ring before i seen him fight) you already have one rising star, if he wins, his star continues to shine, in what should be a great fight boosting his profile even further, if he loses another star is born! Gamboa

But yes your right, "UNFORTUNATELY" the promotion business has become too lucrative for promotional companies and its business first before anything else!

Also sometimes you have to be up front and honest with certain fighters from certain countries and say, they are never going to be known to the masses, but there pretty good fighters, lets give him his shot, ability comes before anything else when trying to boost a guys popularity, the personality can only be unleashed if the ability is there!
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