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Default Re: Canelo Alvarez Power?

Originally Posted by brown bomber View Post
Not at all Dempsey perhaps scanning your posts I've got it wrong- you seem to be arguing with people who make it their business to try and progress and learn. Further your doing this under the guise of someone who wants to learn? I think your unwillingness to accept other people opinion is what's upsetting people-

Apoligies if I've been a bit harsh - i thought you were a troll rather then someone here for the long haul
Bomber, I am not arguing against progress, if you notice it's the same guys all the time. I take pride in what I do, I protect and fight for my guys. If I was closed minded to advances or something that would benefit my guys, who would I be hurting my guy. What bothers me is the way they say it. Seems like if you don't think like they do or know what they know, you're an idiot, a dumb ****, stupid, or re****ed. I don't like bully's and some of these guys need to learn how to respect other people and what they do. The worst way to learn something is for someone trying to jam it down your throat.
I believe I wrote S**** about two skilled guys putting one over, the guy I was thinking about was George Benton. Watch the George Benton vs Johnny Smith fight on youtube. George was economical in his movement, and had power, watch how he puts one over, really two and down and out. You picked a good one. Please don't think not one minute that boxing coaches, even old school ones wouldn't accept change if it gives their guys an edge or benefits them in any way. I for one would love to see skilled guys go at it, and both having killer power, so go modern science.
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