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Default Re: Cotto vs Marquez at 147: Who wins??

Originally Posted by Daruf View Post
Prime Cotto was a come forward search and destroy fighter with very limited stamina, shaky chin and cut easily.
Add to that his elbows flare wide out and he was a sucker to be hit by uppercuts from even someone as slow as Margo.

Sounds about like the perfect style for JMM to look amazing against.
Cotto has a edge in size and power, JMM has more speed, more skill, better punch selection, WAY higher ring IQ, tons more stamina and more heart.

Marquez would probably get dropped early when hes still cold, at which point Cotto would foolishly try to finish him and get cut to pieces.

They are the same height and have the same reach as well so its not like Cotto would just box on the outside either.
JMM was droped by ****ty Katsidis and bullied in one fight against light punching Diaz. Yea he won the Diaz fight but it wasnt so easy. So to say JMM would look amazing against a prime Cotto is not only a foolish statement, but also a very unrealistic.

Shane Mosley and Zab were fasters fighter than JMM and also much more harder punchers and Cotto handled those speeds and power very well.
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