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Unhappy Ricky Burns, Ricky Burns, Ricky Burns RICKY F*CKING BURNS THREAD NUMBER 500

This aint a British boxing forum anymore, its been over run by Ricky Burns fanboys and Ricky Burns haters. With a few with a hidden agenda smack bang in the middle.

FWP must be rubbing their hands in glee seeing all the attention a fighter who hasnt even fought in the ring for a while is getting. With the failed fight(s) in December and Gavin Rees getting in ahead of Ricky Burns in the new year, and no fight announced in the near future. FWP must be glad to see a forum being filled with Ricky Burns threads. Your keeping the fighter relevant.

Yet some of you hate the godfather of British boxing?

I bet F-**** is sat smugly, with a crackling log fire warming the room, sunk into a comfy reclined chair, with a glass of red, laughing at you lot, rubbing his hands, and counting all the money he will be making from the haters in the future.

What a bunch of
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