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Default Re: Cotto vs Marquez at 147: Who wins??

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
JMM was droped by ****ty Katsidis and bullied in one fight against light punching Diaz. Yea he won the Diaz fight but it wasnt so easy. So to say JMM would look amazing against a prime Cotto is not only a foolish statement, but also a very unrealistic.

Shane Mosley and Zab were fasters fighter than JMM and also much more harder punchers and Cotto handled those speeds and power very well.
He got caught by a big shot when he did not bring his hand back. He got up to punish Katsidis and win the round.

Diaz is nothing like Cotto. He throws over 100 punches per round and has more speed than Cotto. It was just a matter of JMM slowing him down. Remember the last guy Cotto fougth that threw around 100 punches per round(Margarito) not so easy to deal with. different styles son.

Mosley and Judah. Really? Both mentally weak guys who do not have a plan B ever and can not follow a game plan. The complete opposite of JMM. You forget people thought Mosley won the Cotto fight and Judah did some good work with the uppercut that JMM has perfected.
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