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Default Re: Canelo Alvarez Power?

Originally Posted by viru§™ View Post
You enjoy playing the victim don't you?

Nobody has just randomly insulted you. The reason you get insulted is because you claim to know things for a fact that you can't possibly know with your limited knowledge in certain areas. You also tell people that are advanced in this field they're wrong because everything you say is right. You also make troll threads which has got you a bad name on the forum as you look like you just want to cause trouble.

You're not open minded in the slightest and you don't back a thing you say. When you're asked to respond or you get backed into a corner knowledge wise, you do what you done in this post, play the victim, claim everyone is clueless and start throwing out random emotions.

If you want to be treated like an adult and have a reasonable debate then do so, state what you think and back it up with something. You don't do this. You just throw out "increasing punching power isn't possible" then when S**** gives some information on how it is possible you go on the attack.

Just thought I'd put this out there. Maybe you'll actually learn something from this post.

BTW, also in that post -

Strength training with weights. Increased strength and speed = better athlete.

See how that goes down with old school coaches.
I guess, you dont have any real meaningful real world experience, most boxing coaches do accept new conditioning ideas cos it benefits their fighters, not cos of **** rings who spew intellectual fecal matter, see it's really that simple, you guys over complicate something simple, all you have to do is take a course on teaching, and then putting that to work with all this knowledge you have. People dont learn that way, the old school way to teach is to badger someone into it. It is more effective if you learn how to, to teach the new school. modern teaching techniques. You guys assume an awful lot, we are talking and living now, so what is available now is theories, no facts behind that. My facts come from hands on experience, yours from scientific journals, text books and maybe working working at an amateur level. Also you might be interested in taking a course on how to debate. Name calling, and belittling someone elses opinion you dont like it shows your immaturity.
I will debate you anytime, on any point, if you accept what I have to say as you want me to accept what you have to say. You wont agree with everything that I have to say and neither will I accept all you have to say. dose r da rools, bucko!
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