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Default Re: The Dangers of Boxing

Originally Posted by miniq View Post
A broken nose, Lost teeth, Swollen/cut face, broken jaws and eye sockets are minor injuries in comparison to Brain injurys...

Every power punch has the potential to cause severe damage to the brain.... Doctors hate boxing.
The unseen damage is the most deadly.
Minor to who? not to me. The only reason people put emphasis on the brain because it's not an easy fix or maybe a never fix, but you step in that ring, everything above the shoulders is on the hit list. However, you missed my point, When Packie was ****ing up JMM's face and possibly his brain, because you don't have to get knocked out to suffer brain damage, he did't slow down or back up, as a matter of fact he increased his ferocity. I"m saying, there was no love in that altercation. It is what it is.
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