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Default Re: Could Wladimir Klitschko Do This To Tyson?

As for answering the question, no Wladimir wouldnt do that to Tyson. Pushing him back would be an act that requires aggresion and being on the inside whilst at risk of being clocked himself. In all the years of watching Wladimir since he hooked up with Steward has he ever done that, please somebody answer this. Wlad would attempt to move around the ring and keep the fight firmly on the end of his jab, i doubt he risks throwing a left hook or straight right until the later rounds. Im sorry but i dont think that cuts it even against 90's Tyson, he was still one hell of an intimidating fighter, still quick, still powerful but not nearly as focused. To beat that version of Tyson i think Wlad would need to push him onto the backfoot early with consistant activity with his jab and right hand. Problem is i think Wlad would be far to intimidated himself to do so, he would be under immense pressure right from the beginning, Tyson would know about the question marks over Wlads chin and mental fortitude under pressure and he would go about seeing if those doubts are correct. Wlad would be taken into deep waters and promptly drowned (dropped a few times, Wlad has tremendous heart) with the referee calling the fight off. By no means an easy fight for Tyson but once he lands those first few punishing blows it would be the beginning of the end. Tyson has faced plenty of tall fighters and would at least know what he needed to do to get the job done. Wlad has never seen anything quite like even a 90's Tyson.
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