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Default Re: Nicola Adams gets an MBE

Originally Posted by Primadonna Kool View Post
She annoys me a little bit to be honest, nothing major.

Well done to her though, hard work and dedication.
yeh she ****es me off a bit too, did great at the Olympics and I was cheering for her all the way but I remember one of the interviewers saying to her "we saw you do an Ali shuffle in the final" and she responded saying "think I'll rename that the Nikki shuffle".

Errr no love, let's not get carried away now eh.

Its a shame how the only people who get these mbe's etc are either well rich people who buy they're way in, or people who have a load of publicity. Rarely is it the people who work solidly but quietly in the background who get these things. As with a lot of **** in life it seems the louder you shout how great you are [or the louder you're paid publicist shouts how great u are], if you do it enough people might actually start believing you. If I was king I'd knight all the true pioneers of UK culture like Goldie and El-B.

Anyway good for her, this can only help boxing in the long run, more people getting into the sport etc.
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