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Default Re: Canelo Alvarez Power?

Originally Posted by ROACH View Post
pecho, you are one of those guys that think they know everything, yet you haven't even lifted that much weight from a PFP perspective, so how could you possibly know the difference between a body trained with advanced calesthenics and one trained by weights?

I can feel the difference this last weekend when I was playing with my nephews and neices.

Before when I was lifting heavy weights, I was less limber and slower, but this time around, I have no issues at all. No aches, no pains, no stiffness and more energy.

I suppose the only lift worth doing is the deadlift, and perhaps, every other week or less.

I've never noticed any difference in punching power when I integrated cleans and olympic lifts in my program.

Perhaps there was a difference, but it was negligable at best.

It was easy to get injured too. Not worth it IMO.
You know me so you know lol,you cant be further from the thruth.
if you were injured while you were doing cleans and jerks then you had **** poor technique,thats why you are blabbering stupid **** all the time.
Im gueesing you were one A)of those guys going to the gym trying to lift heavy cause other guys were too but you couldnt manage to do a proper squat so you injured yourself 123123 times and now youre blaming weights instead of your lack of knowledge.
B)you didnt lift a weight in all of your life,and now your talking against them.Im betting its this one.
Your lack of knowledge or trollism is shocking,while i love bodyweight exercises,i cannot get through my head why are you so against weighlifting.Must be a personal thing :/
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