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Default Re: Cotto vs Marquez at 147: Who wins??

Originally Posted by saul_ir34 View Post
You are typically a very sane poster. What is your breakdown on this?
I can't pick. Marquez likely has the superior craft on the inside, so a phone-booth fight would have him scoring higher on points, but probably taking more damage due to the thunder Cotto's packing, especially to the body. Cotto's jab would eventually get timed by an overhand right he runs into as he steps into it, and while he's not as universally vulnerable to uppercuts as people suggest, most pressure-fighters are, and JMM would find his mark. Not hard at all to imagine Marquez putting him on ***** street once or twice. The trouble is, Cotto could choose not to oblige JMM on the inside right away, and use his trademark boxer-puncher mentality to throw from the outside, and then throw hard combintions up close before resuming range. That makes things hard for Marquez. And while I see Marquez landing cleaner shots over 12, Cotto would land harder most of the time. A knockdown is possible, or even just a handful of obvious wobbles, which hurts Marquez's chances of winning a decision.

Refuse to pick a winner. Either can get stopped and a decision result would be hard to accurately predict. But like I said, neither man is coming out the same. Marquez's head and body would be absorbing very heavy blows, and Cotto would be getting peppered by sharp accurate shots that cut him up and bruise him all over. I wouldn't be surprised if both were somewhat gassed by the 8th, two of the best body punchers in the game today.
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