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Default Re: How I would advise Robert Guerrero to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Originally Posted by Boxalot View Post
I agree almost entirely with what you say, Bogotazo.

The general concencus (not necessarily on here, but other places i've seen) has always been that you need to be a big, strong pressure fighter with a great chin and high punch output to beat Floyd, but i have always disagreed with that.

I've always felt that you need a variety of gameplans to beat Floyd and you need the ability to shift tactics and strategy mid-round. You need to be versatile and more than adequete in following at least 3 different stratergys. Floyd is so brilliant at ad******g that he can do it on his own, mid-round and early on in the fight. He rarely gets caught with the same shot twice and he can change his own offence in the very rare occasions it doesn't work (couldn't find the target often against Cotto so he brings the lead uppercut into play, which i'd rarely, if ever seen from him).

Guerrero DOES have this versatility. He can be a slick, relatively elusive southpaw who fights predominantly from the outside, and he showed his infighting ability against a bigger man in Andre Berto. He basically out-dogged Berto in that fight and wanted it more, but could he do this against Floyd? Not imo, no, although he would have to do it at times in the fight. He's also showed (in i think it was the Katsidis fight) that he can fight from strange angles at mid-long distance and throw LOTS of punches per round. Haven't seen that fight for a while but i'm pretty sure he was throwing body shots, jabs, straight lefts, 4, 5, 6 punch combinations, the lot. I do remember being impressed with his offensive ****nal in that fight and i picked him to beat Maidana in their scheduled bout.

What i'm saying is that Guerrero DOES have the versatility that i believe to be required in order to beat Floyd. You don't just beat him with one gameplan because, whatever it is, he WILL make the adjustments required to neutralise your gameplan. Is Guerrero good enough at the variety of gameplans i mention to beat Floyd? No, not a chance.

FWIW, i respect your opinion greatly on here and i wouldn't follow too dissimilar a stratergy to the one you laid out.
Posts like these are so bad.

Yes Ghost may have great punch output versus X, Y and Z, but Floyd isn't any of them. Floyd (and most effective boxers - JMM, Ward, BHop, etc.) is well known for reducing opponent punch output as fight goes on.

Guerrero has to make it a dogfight and be dirty. Not Judah/Ortiz dirty, but Castillo dirty. Holding, phonebooth fighting, elbows, etc. You CANNOT overcome the skills of Floyd. You need to frustrate Floyd, somehow.
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