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Default Re: Call Out Kimbo Ty Cerminara

Originally Posted by Francis75 View Post
No doubt our Ty is gathering his thoughts and regrouping. I expect he will be using this "off season" from the forum as a chance to recharge his batteries and come back a more ferocious poster. Watch out to anyone who dares to cross swords with our Ty.
Come on Francis...
Ty is a pathetic little grub who's never achieved anything worthwhile in life, so he trolls on an internet forum in an attempt to boost his ego.

How many people has he called out? Nothing has eventuated and nothing ever will.
How many disgusting things has he said to people, things which if said face to face would land his opponent in a cell for the night, and the midge in hospital for a week.

He's a wannabe boxer internet forum troll sausage armed midge.
All we can hope for is he gets the message and never comes back.
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