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Default Re: Frank Bruno vs the new crop of Heavyweights? How would he fair?

Only the Kiltschko's would beat him.

Fury, Haye, Price are all toss up fights. Bruno could so easily be the first fighter to out box David Price, and land big shots! Price could crumble, with rumours of him being fragile

Bruno beats Chisora probably stops him on his feet.

A little too much was made out of Bruno's inability to take a punch, he could take a punch..? but sometimes under heavy bombardment..? He has no survivalist instincts.

Frank Bruno was tougher than people gave hum credit for!

Watch Tyson vs Bruno I!

Tyson vs Bruno II was abit unfair to Bruno, he should not of even been aloud to fight. From reading his book, his team conned the doctors at the medical testing procedures.
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