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Default Re: Is Ricky burns terrified of Adrian broner?

Originally Posted by macho_grande View Post
So that's it then?

Burns asks for 3/4 times more than his highest ever purse and that's acceptable if it means he never gets to fight Broner?
Macho,you keep saying Ricky is knocking back 3 or 4 times his biggest purse.Does that mean you think he only earned around £100k for Mitchell?
Notsaying it's a stone cold fact but I've heard he got at least double that.

Originally Posted by macho_grande View Post

At the end of the day, Billy Nelson pretty much said Burns wasn't going to take the fight in Febuary no matter what. I find that Dissapointing. Is that allowed?

I haven't abused Ricky or Billy, I haven't been rude or anything. I've just expressed my dissapointment & surprise at the decision.... How does that make me a ****ing ****?
Please correct me if I'm wrong as I haven't been on for a few days,but going on what I have seen,it seems you're taking Billy's post out of context.It wasn't stated in the way you're inferring here,as you're paraphrasing and giving it a completely different angle.
Again though,happy to put my hands up if I've missed anything.

Originally Posted by macho_grande View Post
"Speaking with the, Morrison said “We are not taking the fight. Ricky doesn’t have the necessary strong mindset at the moment to undertake such a big fight.”
The reason Ricky probably doesn't have a great mindset is because he had a full camp which was subsequently wasted and missed out on a big wage he was probably relying on.Ricky's no millionaire yet and I also suspect from my very limited dealings with Ricky that he's the type to feel it when people are questioning him.People think athletes of a reasonable profile are all immune to the effects of public criticism but Ricky is just a normal humble guy who will feel it when people question his integrity,regarless of the fact it shouldn't be in question.
I'd say he's got good reason not to be in the best place right now.
February was always a laughably unrealistic option.Broner would be the biggest and toughest fight of his career plus his first time stateside.It's a unification bout and Ricky is perfectly entitled to a full preparation and promotional period as this could break him as well as make him.
Broner was desperate for an opponent.Ricky's a legitimate belt holder so why should he just jump after a wasted camp and his head not being right?
Even without that he's perfectly entitled to four months notice for the biggest fight of his life.
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