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Default Re: Cotto vs Marquez at 147: Who wins??

OK how easy would it be to have cotto hire a S&C coach, then rematch Paulie, Paulie gets his massive payday he wanted with hatton, Cotto gets a chance to show he still has someting in a very winnable fight, a Title SHOT, so he would be right back up there.

Then He Can fight Marquez after whooping on Paulie.

THis would be so great.

My Dream World.

-Marquez Bradley Cinco DE mayo, Marquez wins back double stolen belt
-Cotto Paulie 147 at MSG brought to u by SHO, March-April, Cotto wins BY TKO- Dominant Ud and a BELT
-Mayweather Guerrero- May UD
-Rios PACMAN September, PACman gets brutally TKO'd, PACman out of the Picture.
-May-Canelo September, Canelo UD, or late stoppage.
-Marquez vs Cotto December, Marquez late TKO at WW, Unifies 2 belts
-Early 2014 Cinco De mayo Marquez Mayweather 2, May rebounds for an Epic Mexican night.

**** I wish this could happen, Marquez has everyone in his resume would be nice to add cotto's head in there as well specially if he can legitimately come down to 147 with paulie and rejuvenate himself.

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