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Default Re: Gavin rees vs Adrien broner Feb 16

Originally Posted by oli View Post
Nobody in their right mind gave Ryan Rhodes a chance. Nobody can seriously be giving Rees one either. But it's just nice to see Rees get a reward like this and there IS at least a chance he can put a decent effort in and come out of it with some respect over the pond even if gets stopped.
If I remember right there was quite a number that did give Rhodes a fair chance, I think it's not really a case of overestimating Rhodes/Rees' ability more of underestimating Alvarez's//berto's ability. I remember the hate Alvarez used to get, saying he will be found out when he eventually steps up but he has answered every question so far.

It's evident that Broner is not well liked on here, I don't really like him personally too much here and that can often cloud judgement towards a boxers ability. I really think Broner is just on an another level to Rees, but upsets do happen!
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