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Default Re: Is Ricky burns terrified of Adrian broner?

Depends whether we are talking gross or net I guess. And I imagine their are 2 types of "net" here. (I know that sounds stupid)

Obviously we are speculating on the 400k to begin with.

Is Ricky asking for 400k net of tax? Or 400k net of tax, management, trainer, cutman fees etc? (pure take home money)

I'd be surprised if Ricky banked 200k after all deductions for Mitchell....

Regarding the Billy Nelson stuff, i don't think you can interpret it any other way. They didn't want the fight plain and simple. A quick Google search brings up lots of articles where they are saying Ricky wants a tune up fight first. Why does a world champion need a tune up?

I think his team could have handled this a lot better.
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