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Default Re: Vlad Klitschko vs the following

Holyfield wlad by late tko
Buster Douglas wlad by late ko
Tyson tyson by early ko or wlad by late ko
*Foreman-Old version corner stoppage in the tenth from foreman's corner

Razor Rudduck early ko by wlad
Witherspoon wlad by late tko
Holmes wlad by close ud
Bone-crusher Smith wlad by late tko
Pinklon Thomas wlad by late tko
Coetzee wlad by late tko
Greg Page wlad by late tko
Dokes early tko by wlad
Weaver early tko by wlad

Ali wlad by close ud
Liston late tko by wlad
Norton early ko by wlad
Lyle late tko by wlad
*Foreman-Young version early ko by wlad
Jimmy Young late tko by wlad

Walcott early ko by wlad
Charles early ko by wlad
Rex Layne 34-1-1 version early ko by wlad

Schmeling early ko by wlad
Max Baer early ko by wlad

Tunney early ko by wlad
Dempsey early ko by wlad
Johnson early ko by wlad
Jeffires early ko by wlad
Sullivan early ko by wlad

only guys who could beat wlad are: Lewis, vitali, tyson, holmes and ali. they could beat him, that doesn't means they win.

don't forget that wlad is a great boxer who happens two have one punch power in both hands for the whole fight, good stamina and he is a real superheavy who is fast as ****. all guys before liston you can't count they would get eaten alive by all the last champions since ali
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