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Default Re: Vlad Klitschko vs the following

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
Yeah he gassed twice and got ****ted another time. **** happens. Since 06 he's been number 1 and established himself as one of the best out fighters in history. Old bones lost plenty of times, you gonna tell me he was **** on the outside as well?

Chisora is a live body? Chisora when that fight was being talked about I gave wlad so much **** for making such a joke fight I'm glad it never came off.
Why did he get gassed? Why didn't he gas out against other fighters at the time? Because he was getting pressed out of his comfort zone and taking a beatdown.. The gas got punched out of him.

He aint one of the best boxers in history, not by a long shot.
Does one of the best boxers in history get dropped by the major tv stations in the UK and the US who's fights are only a big deal in Germany? Nobody give a **** about K2 in America apart from a bunch of forum eduacted fanboys.

Chisora wasn't just talked about. The contract was signed and the fight was to take place. Are you saying Chisora wasn't a live body at the time? He showd he had the heart, chin and determination against helenius and his brother. His camp knew he was to dangerous and took him out of the fight.
Are you disputing that?
The fights he took since then against Thompson and Wach were miles further down the barrell than Chisora was.
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