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Default Re: Vlad Klitschko vs the following

Originally Posted by lufcrazy View Post
Not true at all. He kicked ten barrells of **** out of the two men until he gassed. Times like that it's either **** training or **** stamina. Considering he's gone twelve since then I'm saying it's the former.

What type of **** are you talking about now? How many people in boxing history would you pick to beat Wlad on the outside?

Chisora was not a live body by any stretch. I completely dispute that. When it was due to be made he was unbeaten but also unranked. His best victory was against sam fukin ***ton. A fight he was losing before rallying late to secure the stoppage. He then got ****ed by a fellow unranked fighter in Tyson fury. He was robbed against helenius and deserved a big fight then but not with the champion. He fought well against vitali I think I had it 8-4. So agaian he deserved a big fight but again not with the champion. Against haye he was straight up ****ted. At this point he dont deserve a big fight but he should be rebuilding. Price would be a good fight and one I imagine he'll lose. I'm not sure why you rate chisora this highly. If you were one of the people defending the chisora fight with wlad at the time I can only imagine you're either a closet wlad fan boy or a chisora fan boy. Nothing else makes sense.
I wouldn't expect any fighter to stay on the outside and fight Wlads fight. Why would anybody want to do that when the blueprint is out on him. He selects fighters who show up to collect their loser check. What cant you understand about that fact.

The Chisora wasn't due to be made. It WAS made and Wlad pulled out twice. Are you trying to change the facts? What did Wach do to deserve a fight, who did he beat, nobody ever even heard of him. What is your point? Chisora was young and hungry who was prepared to drag Wlad into a slug fest hell untill they dicided not to take the risk. Thats not the behaviour of one of the best boxers in history.
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