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Default Re: Could Wladimir Klitschko Do This To Tyson?

Originally Posted by Champion View Post
How do you see Mike absorb Wlad's sharp jabs that would definitely find their target? Will Mike walk through them or be pushed back?

Wlad's jab is a complete game changer. He has the tools to keep Mike at bay with it and throw cuffing left hooks and tie him up in close range.

Also Wlad's reflexes and upper body movement are underrated IMO.

It's always tough to predict the outcome of 2 ATG's.

It would be a thrilling, thrilling fight.
I dont see Mike absorbing nothing. His style was custon bulit to get in under stiff tall fighters like Wlad using latteral movement.
Wlad's 1-2 attack will have no affect on and a fighter who comes bullrushing in at angles throwing shattering combos at blinding speed.
Total missmatch. Knock out victory for Mike in round 1.
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