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Default Re: Khan vs Mayweather WILL happen

Make no mistake about it, as soon as GBP got involved with Khan the Mayweather fight was their ultimate goal.

Unfortunately for them, every time it got close, Khan got beat.

He was supposed to unify against Peterson, and then step up to 147... Once he got beat, Mayweather was off the table into the drug thing came about. Khan & GBP went into
PR overdrive to effectively whipe the defeat from the records (unofficially anyway)

After that came the Garcia defeat which pretty much killed it dead.

GoldenBoy must be gutted because that fight (had Khan unified against Peterson & then beat a "name" @147 would have been huge!)

Anyone with half a boxing brain knows that Khan's getting battered but that wouldn't stop the fight from selling.

You've got 2 fighters that people love to hate. It's a licence to print money.

You've for tons of Khan & Mayweather fan boys buying it... Then you've also got the haters, and both of these have a **** load of them.
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