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Default Re: Mayweather's fight sequence will be Guerrero and then Garcia.

Originally Posted by ROACH View Post
Maybe you should ask yourself who he didn't duck considering the man calls himself "money," yet retired for two years, costing himself hundreds of millions of dollars of earnings in the process.

How convenient considering it was just when welterweight was heating up, and fans were clamoring for him to fight guys like Margarito, (who he personally told he would fight), Cotto, and Williams.

Not one of those fights materialized until years later when Cotto was at the tail end of his career and sustained two, normally career ending beatings, and numerous wars.

Even then, Cotto gave Mayweather a tough enough fight to make Mayweather contemplate retiring and continue to duck challenges.

Then you also have the time Mayweather called out the winner of Martinez vs Williams only to watch a highlight KO of Williams and then never be heard from again.

Eventually these guys will get beat because they are not fighting guys they are guarenteed to win against, and then Floyd will reapear like the coward ***** he is, and say, "Why should I fight such and such, he just lost to such and such."

Meanwhile, he fights a guy like Guerrero where there is a 99% probability he will win.

His contemporaries are consistantly challenging themselves.

Ward won the Super 6 and recently fought a tall, counterpunching southpaw coming off a clear victory over Bernard Hopkins.

Pacquaio fought Marquez, a guy most people favored to win.

Martinez fought Chavez, who was 50/50 at the time of the fight.

Instead of fighting Margarito, Floyd fought Hatton.

Instead of fighting Pacquaio, Floyd fought Marquez and a finished Cotto.

The only opponent Floyd really deserves credit for fighting is Mosley, who appeared to still have it, but turned out to be shot.

Regardless, Mayweather stepped up to the plate, but only after being embarrased on live television, and then he could not perform his typical "***** move" by running away and talking **** like the coward he is.

Now he has an opportunity to fight Canelo who is in his same division, where Mayweather is champion.

But unfortunately, Mayweather has no *****. Cotto, the guy he just beat had the ***** to face Trout, yet Mayweather has to run out of the division like a coward and take on Guerrero.

He waits for everything to fall into place. A fourth fight with Marquez should have never happened. Floyd should have fought Pacquaio.

He didn't. He waited around for Pacquaio to lose.

What a ****in coward.

Do you not agree?
Quien es el PAPA de Pacquiao, ***** ?!

Don't ****ing duck this question !
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