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Default Re: Trainer dealing with boxer's difficult dad

whats the matter with you ????? i don't give a **** if you like is dad or not the kid needs is family outside the gym witch is most of the time ,more impotently the lad needs positive team around him not a coach deserting a boxer that trusts him ,,,,even though i don't no you ,but i do respect my elders & your history ,,,so this is what I'm thinking

the lad isn't going to get any better training than you've gave him over the past month's other wise by the sounds of it is dad would have taken him else where & his dad will always think he could do better than you but knows he can't ,,allot of that is just hot air it's simply a case of is dad wanting his kid to be the best,,this happens allot

you need to be in the corner to give advise ,,what if something bad happens to the boxer & why wasn't is coach meaning you in is corner ,,try to get on with the dad for the well being of the kid

at the end of the day if you get pressure of parents you need to nip it in the butt at the beginning not months down the line when the boxer needs you

hope all go's well good luck
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