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Default Re: Which British fighter......

Originally Posted by thistle1 View Post

there were only 8 divisions NOT 17!!!

ONE world champion and the Lonsdale Belt for many a year was as good as.
Fighters had to earn their right at a title fight the long & hard way... and many who could have never got near titles such was the comp.

Britain ruled boxing in the lower weights, and our Champions & Leading Contenders were the real deal...

the only reason we have more as you put it, is because of the 17 weight divisions and at least 5 possible world title belts to pursue and achieve after only having fought anywhere from 15 - 25 fights.

I think you are looking back with rose tinted glasses, to a 'golden era' that simply was not there. We were generally shocking above 112; relying on one or two exceptional talents to come through a poor domestic scene at any one time. It was not until the 80s when TV money and the Duff et al Promoters cartel was broken (led for all the grief he (often rightly) gets here, by FW) that the sport started to comeback to life and things got better.
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