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Default Re: Frank Bruno vs the new crop of Heavyweights? How would he fair?

Originally Posted by TFFP View Post
I don't think he beats Haye. Bruno had a very, very good jab but he's not quite as good on his feet as Wladimir. Wladimir's control of distance had Haye in big issues as he wasn't confident enough or able to force a fight against a big opponent that punches. I'm not sure thats a problem he'd encounter so often against Bruno, I think he gets off easier with his right hand counter and has enough to hurt Bruno with. Of course Frank could spark Haye too, just a feeling I have. Haye is a very very smart operator, a lot more so than Frank was and that could be the difference. Fair enough to see this either way though, I thinkr

To think Povetkin beats him is laughable. Povetkin doesn't punch, at all. Not is he particularly fast, and he's too small/nonathletic to outbox Frank who could outjab Lewis early. He's also been hurt by mediocre punchers like Huck and gets hit easy with right hands.

Pulev has a good enough chin and enough awkwardness to give Frank a test mid to late but I'd lean towards Frank to get the stoppage.

Vitali beats him, not sure about current Vitali but most versions of Vitali are all wrong for Frank.

Wlad has to be favored, more athletic and very hard to outbox over 12. Frank has FAR MORE of a punchers chance than anybody else that supposedly has a punchers chance going into a bout with Wlad. Frank has the size and ability to actually box with Wladimir as he did with Lewis, and he has the power to be a factor for however long it lasts but Wlad has to be favoured on overall skillset.
Haye vs Bruno is a toss up.

Bruno has the size, and ability to box Haye and force him into his ambush type tactics,which would be fun. It was that short step out of range, that Wladimir Kiltschko kept on doing against Haye! that bothered him.

And it was the same thing Audley Harrison did for afew rounds, constantly making David Haye reset.

Bruno showed the slight ability to do this.

Its the most simplistic of skills but requires some athletic ability which allot of fights don't have.

Bruno was able to do it slightly, but don't as astutely as Kiltschko.

If he did not have the ability to keep stepping out of range, he would not of achieve so much.

The Bruno who fought Lewis WAS the best version of Bruno.

After that point he got carried away with body building, and retained too much non-functional muscle. Flexibility decreased, and he just simply took it too far.
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