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Default Re: Mundine fires shots at the haters

Originally Posted by swingin View Post
1. was it ten years ago really? for the first 4 rounds, an old rick thornberry (not as old as the near 40yo mundine is now) out jabbed mundine when mundine was 10 years younger and at his peak. mundine has a good jab. but it aint great.

2. mundine hasnt got a jab like mundine once had, and even once, he never had a 'great' jab.

3. if mundine fights upright, sitting on his jab against geale, it gunna be an early night for mundine. he gets KTFO

4. mundine hasnt 'starched someone with a bullet in ten years. he now relys on an accumulation of punches. he wont get either chance with geale.

mundine is old, trained like a plough horse, underweight, loses fast twitch muscle to make the weight, is damaged in his hip, cant run and fight like he once could, hasnt the cardio of ten years ago, nor has he the power because he loses his fast twitch muscle to make the weight. he has no corner. he has no plan. he will fight what is in front of him, and will fight geales fight.

geale won last time. it was a farce. geale has fought some great fighters and won recently, mundine has fed on a diet of bums and been ko'd by a novice....GARTH WOOD.

20****, you get you ass handed to you in a month. mouth off ll you like, talk big like mundog. yap, yap you ****en dog. in about 4 weeks mundog is finished.

the best indigenous boxer in australia is daniel geale!
1) What was the result of that fight?
2) Yes he has a truly world class jab, certainly better than Geale's jab.
3) Mundine doesn't fight in that style you clown. Geale is the upright boxer, watch some tape before making horrible comments like that,
4) He knocked Geale down with a love tap last time. It's the punch you don't see coming that hurts you, nobody feints and collects like "the man" when he is on song.
5) Mundine has enough left in the tank to humble know nothing boxing "fans" like you all day long.
6) Leapai is the worst heavyweight around, you rate him which speaks volumes about your ability to ****yse a fight.
7) You always lose.

Unlucky brah
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