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Default Re: Could Joe Calzaghe have been a better boxer if he switched trainers 9 years ago?

Originally Posted by TFFP
As far as fitness goes, nobody could improve on what Enzo does. Joe's stamina is well documented

On the boxing side of things, I can't see how it would make a difference. Joe has never been one to go in with gameplans A, B, C and D or specialised sparring. He's a natural fighter, he adjusts to his opponent in there

What would you change with his figting style? There is nothing you would want to change, his strengths are his weaknesses. He can be open, but he throws a lot of shots. He can be off balance, but then again he throws from strange angles which makes him a stylistic nightmare

So overall, no it wouldn't make a difference. Infact, he just wouldn't be as comfortable, which would adversely affect him anyway
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