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Default Re: Marquez vs Pacquiao 5 . . . . why?

People want to see a great action fight. My question: Isn't Pac-Rios or Pac-Alvarado a great action fight as well? Why can't we see something new and fresh? And why can't these young upcomers get a chance? JMM has already had numerous shots. Let someone else get a shot at Pac (or JMM).

People want Pac to have a chance to avenge his loss. My question: If he had numerous opportunities to KO Marquez but couldn't do it, what makes you think he can do it in a 5th fight? JMM gets better with every fight. Check the history. Also, part 4 was a chance for Pac to avenge his loss in 3rd fight. If Pac really believed he won part 3, he would've never fought JMM again.

5 is a bad idea for both fighters unless all they care about is money. If Pac fights JMM again Pac is desperate and can't accept a loss. If JMM agrees to fight, Juan looks like a cherry picker who thinks getting 10 wins over Pac will enhance his legacy (obviously it doesn't!). Juan needs to beat Bradley or Rios or Garcia to climb even higher on the ATG ladder. Or maybe another shot at Floyd (?)

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