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Default Re: What if Mundine wins?

Originally Posted by WhataRock View Post
If you are responding to me saying Geale isn't the fighter some make him out to be..well I scored the Sturm fight a draw, I've seen more clear cut fights go against guys in Germany multiple times and so have you I'm that result sort of bucked the trend somewhat.
Sure, the Sturm fight was close, but knowing that more clear cut fights over there have gone the wrong way shouldn't take anything away from a legitimate win.
The other fights were clearly just robberies. It happens.

We should be thankful both of Geales fights in Germany were scored fairly.
Would you have been up in arms crying robbery if Dan hadn't got that decision? I wouldn't have, even though he did look the slightly better fighter overall.
I probably would have yes, I'll also readily admit I am a biased hugger.
I've watched many of Geales fights several times though and do my best to be objective. I still think he hasn't been beaten, though he's bean in several close ones, so can understand if some rounds were scored the other way and as a consequence a loss.
Sturm was a solid champ and still was to a degree when Geale fought him. But wouldn't have gone as far as he did without his promotional help.
Maybe, maybe not.
It's easy to say someone wasn't as good as made out after certain fights happen. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
Most people certainly didn't tip Geale to beat SS or FS. Afterwards those same people said SS and FS were done. Go figure.

Personally I feel Geale doesn't get enough credit.
But there are contenders out there as good as Geale in my eyes..
Of course there are, I've never said otherwise.
Though I do believe on any given day Geale can beat all of them.
Whether he does though, we'll just have to wait and see.
In terms of resume and accomplishments he has to be right up there, in terms of potential ability he is sitting under guys like Martinez and GGG...on level with a fair few guys.
Fair enough, I think he's line ball with Martinez, and above GGG.
I feel GGG is overrated, but that's another story.
I'm just trying to say don't be shocked if Geale does have a bit of trouble against Mundine...
I think Mandy will give him some grief for a few rounds, but beyond that...
and other guys who you would think he would tear through..
...I believe Geale will tear through him as the fight goes on.
As I said I don't expect to much more of him, he career has gone better than I would have ever expected.
Better than most expected. Not me though, I saw something special from the first fight I saw. He hasn't disappointed me yet.
I reckon he hasn't quite peaked yet either.
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