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Default Re: how mundine beats geale.

Originally Posted by atigerofold View Post
Swingin: what you are describing is a fast paced fight. mundine hasnt the legs. hes 38yo. geale is a fight hardened 31yo who recently beat sturm over 12. a fast hard fight.....mundine gets kod by an accumulation of punches. knowing mundog, the ref wont have to step in. he'll just fail to get up.

Yes, Geale has an immense advantage with currency and age. It could be a nothing bout, if chock did not control the action. Might Chock fight fiercely for six of the twelve, and to coast (or fold !) for the rest?
(atigerofold. just click on the quote button and a new pagewill open with my quote on it)

as i described in my OP, his only chance is to stick and not run. make geale do all the footwork. mundine should only move its easier. to compensate, he must get geales respect by punching HARD. it keeps people off you. it makes them retreat. mundine must make geale retreat. mundine has to be the hunter. for thewhole fight.

fighting to win the first 6 fighting hard, will see mundine fold by 9. he has to stand in the middle and make geale come to him, and punch geale hard to the body and head. he must hit the body to break up geales defense.

look, sturm couldnt do it. i dont see an old mundine doing it. not with the lack of chin mundine has. he cant rely on his chin when he gets tired like some fighters could. mundine is chinny. when he tires and geale starts getting through, its over pretty quick.

choc can do some damage early. but he hasnt the one punch KO he once posessed. when you lose muscle to make an unnatural weight like mundine has, you sacrafice fast twitch muscle. thats your speed ko muscle. no, i dont believe he has a chance, unless geale fights a real dumb fight, of anthony gets ahead early and geale gets a cut stoppage.

mundine HAS to come out hard. 20**** has already given it away. mundine will come out hard. he has no choice. how he handles the next 7 rounds, time has told us.....he wont.
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