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Default Re: Marquez vs Pacquiao 5 . . . . why?

Originally Posted by Scar View Post
No offense but some people never fail to impress me with their stupidity. How can anyone question why a fifth fight isn't necessary when we had four GREAT fights to enjoy? That said, do you honestly consider the result of the fourth fight completely final?, even when Pacquiao was leading and dominating only to get caught overexcited by a cautious, troubled/hurt yet smart and unexpectedly coherent Marquez?

If that's not enough let's look at it another way then. Remember when the great "Mexican brothers" of Marquez completely ignored him back when it mattered the most and never gave him a shot in hell only to see Pacquiao come out of the blue and give him the chance he truly proved he deserves? Despite the fight being a draw, Pacquiao offered Marquez a rematch only to see Marquez price his self out and fight Morales instead. Even after that, Pacquiao could have ignored Marquez but gave him a rematch. Then comes the third fight at a time when Pacquiao, yet again, could have completely ignored Marquez without getting ANY criticism for it whatsoever based on Marquez' complete failure to impress at the weight against Mayweather. Still Pacquiao gave him the shot and Marquez yet again, thanks to Pacquiao's chances, proved to be worthy. The fourth fight could have also been ignored since Pacquiao could have easily gone for Bradley, but no, Pacquiao gave him a shot when he didn't have to YET AGAIN. After all of that, you expect Marquez to completely turn his back on the man that gave him all these ridiculous chances?, especially when this is the very first time Pacquiao needs him.

Hope this post explains why a fifth fight is indeed necessary.
That's because you're a diehard pacquiao fan who will justify anything.

manny was leading by only a point before he got stopped, but he was in no way dominating the fight. This was the first time Marquez knocked him down for ffs.

Marquez beat him wide the third time but was robbed. He then proceeded to knock manny to sleep the fourth fight. Beat him once with a strong decision, and beat him again with a brutal ko. That's final. What more do you want Marquez to do in order to prove he's the better fighter? Assault manny in the ring and turn him into a vegetable?

I don't know why you're spouting so much rubbish. manny isn't this altruistic give to charity person when it comes to his opponent selection. He chose to fight Marquez after he exhausted all his other big name make money opponent options first. manny cherry picks margarito and Mosley before allowing the third Marquez fight to happen. He realized how old Marquez was and delayed it until it was the only big name make money fight option left. manny's plan of Marquez age catching up to him inevitably backfires as Juan upsets him. Of course, manny had the robbery set up in place. The fourth fight then occurs because manny was trying to save face and had to follow through with his plan. He made a robbery happen in order to make money off a rematch. What's he going to do? Not follow up with his money making idea?

If manny was as generous to Marquez as you claim, he would have taken a third fight with Marquez much sooner. Did he do that? No. When proposed with a rematch after the second fight he answers, "I don't think so. This business is over."
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