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Default Re: Call Out Kimbo Ty Cerminara

Originally Posted by Francis75 View Post
Anyone heard anything from Ty as yet ?

Word on the street is that he's as mad as a bully ant and is training the house down. Some have said that he resembles a young Mike Tyson under the tutelage of Gus D'Amato. Others have said he looks like a white Pernell Whitakker but with even better footwork. Ty always had nice footwork.

I'm a bit worried that he might be overtraining since he's been put on the bench by the ESB forum hierachy. Train train train thats all he's been doing and reading the vile hatred from this forum. It's all motivation to "our" Ty. He's been stiffing around a few gyms for sparring partners but no one wants to spar him at all. William Dibbs been running like a girl from Ty ever since the shellacking he received all those years ago and our old mate Dales Berry looks more petrified than Marvis Frazier did against Larry Holmes so that would be out of the question. Just this training buzz from Ty has seen him rocket up the IBO's computerized rankings. Phillip Austin mentioned something about Ty's carry over points from his Riverina days as being a factor for his high ranking. Also apparently Leon will be writing a piece in the next Fist Magazine about "our" Ty. Leon was overheard saying that Ty's 10 times the fighter that Danny Grinning Greeny ever was.

If I hear anything further I'll keep you guys posted.
Keep us informed mate. Especially now that he's on holiday with his family which by strange coincidence he went on when banned for 2 weeks from here.
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