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Default Re: Trainer dealing with boxer's difficult dad

Hey guys, thank you for your input. I had read the first few responses, and then phoned the dad, and met him at the gym as I was having my own workout this afternnon; the kid wasn't there today.
I think we've thrashed this out as best we can. The dad said he respects my ability, having seen me work with his son and also seen me box during the white collar days. We left it like this -- rather than have the dad try to work his corner up at Lowell for the GGs, I will be working it, and hopefully he will either win the fight, or, if he loses it, make sure that he takes it in his stride, and encourage him to keep at it.
It can take more than 18 months for a young guy to feel ready. I thiink that if I flat out refuse and don't work his corner myself that the kid will be disappointed, and be less likely to be really eager to fight -- which is VERY important -- or else feel that my not wanting to participate will make him think I lack faith in him -- which I don't despite my reservations about not waiting a while. His dad was very respectful and grateful today, showed a much different attitude, and has agreed, going forward, to leave the kid alone and not want to see every workout. So in 2 weeks I will be the guy in the corner. I guess he has to take the plunge sometimes, and three well-supervised rounds probably won't hurt him. He did learn reasonably well about handling a southpaw, and we all know that handling a lefty is definitely on the job training. So cross your fingers, who knows, maybe he'll go out there and really take the fight to his first opponent and even win. In for a penny, in for a pound -- I guess I can't leave him in the lurch. Again, thanks for the excellent input.
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