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Default Re: What if Mundine wins?

Originally Posted by swingin View Post
geale has won 2 world titles ****head.

mundog has won none.

his dad the same. none.

going by your logic, geale is already in front.

your call.......
1. I challenge anyone to keep up with all the oragnisations and their world titles, at any time there are half a dozen boxers claiming to be the world champion in their division : deal

2. If you look at their careers from the beginning Mundine has still fought the better opposition in regards to the stage of their careers. Mundine was fighting the top domestic fighter in the country with barely any boxing experience from the start, he fought Ottke in the early stages of his career and didn't put a foot wromg til after the second Soloiman Fight. Geale didn't step up and fight someone like Roman Karmazin until 6 or 7 years as a pro.

3. I think Geale is a better boxer than Mundine and that he will beat Mundine decisively and win the fight, however I still think that Mundine has a more impressive body of work so far regardless of what titles you want to mention. I think a fairer indication today is p4p rankings rather than world titles anyway, as the true value of a world title has been watered down somewhat with all the sanctionong bodies.

I understand that from your posts you have great disdain for Mundine and that's your right, but I feel he has a greater body of work so far than Geale. Don't get me wrong I am a Geale fan and I think that if he keeps winning he will surpass Mundine in the all time stakes, but I just don't think he's their yet.
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