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Default Re: Fitness/Health goals for next year?

Originally Posted by david619 View Post
Well, just started boxing but i'm overweight, im 5'10 at 188lbs so im hoping boxing can help me go down to 165. This is my routine, Monday-Friday: morning jog 45mins, then at 3 I do a warm up 20 minute jog, 3 rounds of jumprope 2minute rounds, then some stretching and 3 sets of bicycle crunches, then some exercise with some resistance bands, 3 rounds of shadow boxing 2min rounds, then 6 rounds on double end bag, after that some stretching, a light round of shadow boxing and jumprope, only 1 minute round each, sort of like a cooldown, and last a 30 sec round of shadow boxing with resistance bands. What do you think? will this help me lose weight? im joining a boxing gym till like mid February and I wanna be more fit for when I go.
Your post doesn't really make any sense. You say you just started boxing but then it looks like made a typo at the end of your post stating you're not going to a boxing gym till feb? If your post is correct it looks like you want to be more fit for when you stop going to lessons in mid feb?

1. If you want to lose weight sort out your diet.

2. If you haven't been to any lessons stop with anything technical i.e. shadow boxing, punching bags etc, you'll ingrain bad habits which can take a long time to get rid of.

3. Too much running. All together 1 hour and 5 minutes of running 5 days a week is pointless.

The best thing you could do is as det said - join the gym asap.
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